ESMA publishes translations for MiFID II Guidelines on transaction reporting 17/18

4th October 2017

ESMA has now published official translations of its MiFID II Guidelines that were originally released in October 2016. The guidelines apply to the following firms:

  • Investment Firms
  • Trading Venue
  • Approved reporting mechanisms (ARMs)
  • Competent authorities (CAs).

The purpose of the guidelines is to provide guidance to Investment Firms, Trading Venues, ARMs and Systematic Internalisers (SIs) on compliance with the reporting and order record keeping provisions of MiFIR. In particular, the guidance focuses on the construction of transaction reports and order data record offering a field-by-field guide for various scenarios.

The guidelines include:

  • General principles applicable to transaction reporting and order record keeping
  • High level approaches to transaction reporting and guidance on specific legislative provisions on transaction reporting and order record keeping
  • How specific financial instruments should be reported
  • Clarifications on clock synchronisation

Since their initial release, ESMA’s guidelines have been supplemented by related technical documents on reporting instructions.

Please find a link to the guidelines here.

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